“Changing the Game, One Book at a Time”



True to the Game by author and publisher Teri Woods has been undisputedly titled a classic. While working as a legal secretary for a law firm and juggling motherhood in Philadelphia, PA, Teri Woods completed her first novel, True to the Game.  Teri Woods submitted her story over a period of six years to more than 20 different publishers, all of whom rejected her. When major publishing houses refused to embrace True to the Game, she was not discouraged. In 1998 instead of giving up, Teri Woods printed, bound, self-published and began selling hand to hand her first book True to the Game.

On December 18, 1999 with the support and encouragement of friends, Teri Woods recognized the selling power of her story. She credits her overwhelming success to being a ‘hustler’. Teri Woods often slept in her car and on the couches of acquaintances, as she spent countless hours selling her books on the streets of New York. Moving thousands of books primarily from the trunk of her car she was determined to have her story read. Her grassroots tactic paid off; Teri Woods became a self-made millionaire in just three years selling her novel, True to the Game. She landed a major motion picture deal for the book as well. With the release of the book, True to the Game, Teri Woods has reinvigorated the urban fiction market and created a growing trend in publishing.

Noted as the female successor to street-life authors Donald Goines and Iceberg Slim, Teri Woods is an enthusiastic, sharp woman whose ambition has allowed for success in the face of adversity. The characters and events that she writes about are written with realism and compassion allowing readers to experience the true essence of urban realities. Teri Woods’ passion for urban realities caught the attention of Karen Thomas, editor at Warner Books, who facilitated a multi-million dollar book deal and signed Woods to Hatchette Book Group, a division of Warner Books. Warner Books re-released the block buster, True to the Game I, True to the Game II and True to the Game III, which both made the New York Times Best Sellers List.

As the owner of Teri Woods Publishing, LLC, Teri Woods has authored, co-authored and published under her company 20 urban fiction novels:


True to the Game I

True to the Game II

True to the Game III

The Adventures of Ghetto Sam

Dutch I

Dutch II

Dutch III

Tell Me Your Name

Triangle of Sins

Rectangle of Sins

Circle of Sins

Deadly Reigns I

Deadly Reigns II

Deadly Reigns III



New York’s Finest-Masquerade

Double Dose

Alibi I

Alibi II


These titles have all been National Best Sellers. The True to the Game series has sold millions of copies as has the Dutch series with her version of Dutch III, International Gangster making the New York Times Best Sellers List in May of 2011. All together, Teri Woods Publishing, LLC has sold over 1.3 million copies independently by herself and generated over 15 million dollars in gross revenue. Not to mention, jump started the entire urban-book marketplace. Teri Woods can be proud that fans both young and old are reading her books, passing them to friends, and dubbing them ‘literary classics’.

Teri Woods’ success garnered her national media attention in publications such as Newsweek, XXL, Savoy, The Source and Vibe magazines. She continues to have her finger of the pulse of the urban community and was recognized for voicing the state of African American males in today’s society. Her statements in a Newsweek roundtable discussion featuring African American notables, Star Jones, Beyonce Knowles-Carter, and ABC correspondent, Deborah Roberts, created a national buzz in major media circles.

With her publishing company solidified, Teri Woods is concentrating on juggling many tasks including film projects under her film company, Teri Woods Films. A new division of audio books from Urban Audio Books and the new wave market of e-books under her own company as well. Currently, she is working on publishing a new children’s book line that she authored with the help of her two sons, Lucas Woods and Brandon Woods, titled Lucas and Brandon’s Magical Playroom.

In 2016, Teri Woods developed the Love, Values and Morals Program designed for elementary students to learn about values and morals. She began reading to children in New York City Public Schools and her company became a vendor (FAMIS) with the Department of Education in New York City. “Giving back to the community is one of the most important things you can do when the community is in need. For me to be able to share my love of storytelling and creative imagination, with children and hopefully influence them to have a love for reading is really important to me.”

These are the titles of the children’s book line:

Where Am I

Bear Won’t Play

The Best I Can Be

Saving My Money with Ginger Giraffe

Time to Say Good Bye


Now that Teri Woods has attained great success as an entrepreneur and publisher, she is more focused than ever. “When you work really hard to build success, you have to be very cognitive of maintaining it. As a woman in business standing alone and depending on her publishing company for the past twenty years, it is truly a blessing. Running my own company can be very hard, and very challenging at times, but also very rewarding.”

Teri Woods is also a role model in her community and has dedicated herself to those in need. She is recognized by the City of New York and State of New York for her work with people and for performing countless hours of community service.


  • Proclamation from New York State Senator, Bill Perkins dated June 6, 2015;
  • Citation from President of the Borough of Brooklyn, Eric L. Adams dated December 15, 2015;
  • Citation from President of the Borough of Brooklyn, Eric L. Adams dated February 24, 2017;
  • Certificate of Merit from New York State Assembly Member, Latrice M. Walker dated February 24, 2017;
  • Citation from President of the Borough of Brooklyn, Eric L. Adams dated October 30, 2017;
  • Citation from New York State Senator, Brian A. Benjamin dated April 19, 2018.


With the duties of running her company, writing, publishing, printing, and selling books, Teri is working with her sons for fresh concepts and ideas for The LB Playroom cartoon. And with the newfound success of True to the Game I and True to the Game II the Movie, in theaters, on BET and Netflix, Teri Woods’ next challenge is getting her own production company, Teri Woods Films, LLC and her cartoon series, The LB Playroom, off the ground. Teri Woods has undeniably travelled through unbelievable challenges to emerge triumphant. She is a true champion; never giving up and she has managed to stand triumphantly strong through the challenges and obstacles she has faced. Teri Woods is a wonderful example of hard work, dedication, tenacity, resilience, and pure talent. And she is a shining star of how one ounce of faith and belief can propel anyone to pursue the most unimaginable of dreams.